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B. Pierre, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

If you're looking for a diamond in the rough, Jensine Speed is that and so much more. As a work colleague who became a dear friend, I quickly realized she had a passion and sincerity that was unmatched. I was inspired as I watched her provide support to our adult Sickle Cell population. Her commitment to fostering mental health and well-being of all, shows in her compassion. She has a niche for uplifting those who may often feel invisible. Jensine has the gift of empowering her clients and helping them see opportunities in their setbacks and struggles.  I'm over the moon that Siha will provide an opportunity for more to benefit from her services.

L. Greene, Client

I cannot say enough about how helpful and valuable Jensine's  counseling and support was when I had my second  child in April 2021.  Although it was my second time around, I found myself with so many more questions and concerns than I remembered from before.  Jensine was there for me; providing helpful resources, encouragement and reassurance before, during and after my pregnancy. Along with the counseling I have received, the cHeal blog has been so informative for me post pregnancy.  The blog has helped me understand different struggles that I've had since giving birth, and it has truly given me a sense that I am not alone in what I am going through. This blog is so personal and engaging; it's like I'm listening to a close friend, which is the same comfortable vibe Jensine creates when she counsels you one-on-one.

T. Smith, MSN, APRN, ANP-C

     I have had the opportunity to witness Jensine in her “element” on many occasions. She is gifted in the skills of listening, nurturing and supporting those that are hurting, confused or in despair. She IS a peaceful presence. Whether it’s just a listening ear or providing strategies to help you become your best self. I too have benefited from this wonderful gift she possesses many times over.  

     Jensine is attentive and professional on every level. Her clients have personally reported feeling understood and empowered after meeting with her.  She is a blessing to this profession and the world of mental health!  

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