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Jensine Speed, MSSA, LCSW


After serving as a community and medical based social worker for over 15 years, I decided I needed a career to fit my lifestyle of mothering two young children.  Trying to be "Superwoman/Supermom" was no longer appealing to me.  I realized if I did not make a change I would not be able to effectively and blissfully mother my wonderful children.  So, I resigned from my job and decided to birth Siha, LLC.  Siha is Swahili for "Good Health," and mental health is the first component of Siha, LLC.

My goal as your therapist is to assist you in rediscovering your new path before, during, and after pregnancy.  I will encourage you to identify stressors, take time for yourself, and eliminate "Mommy Guilt" that is often experienced when you need a moment or five to yourself.  I am passionate about mental health and mothers receiving holistic care to thrive in their most important role...MOTHERHOOD.  

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