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A Dose of "Me Time," Please!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

When I think of "Me Time," an ol' skool, hip-hop song comes to mind, "Me, Myself, And I," by the legendary hip-hop trio, De La Soul. I remember when this song first dropped in 1989. My older sister bumped this song on her stereo system all day, every day. She would repeatedly replay the song to capture all the iconic lyrics in each verse. Naturally, I learned the words and ended up humming and singing the catchy hook while doing chores around the house (Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, oh).

Fast forward 32 years after "Me, Myself, And I" hit number 1 on the music charts; the song still resonates with me today because it speaks about self-love and originality. For the purpose of this months blog, "Me, Myself And I" is about parents obtaining that rare, oh so precious, often coveted...ME TIME! In a world where we are constantly inundated with receiving information whether we desire to or not, multi-tasking and maximizing each second in a day- how does a parent, especially a Mama get "Me Time" on a regular basis? Below I will share some best practices from, colleagues, family and friends in hopes that you can incorporate these tips into your daily life.

"Me Time" Tips

  1. In my house, we live by shared electronic calendars. Schedule your "Me Time" and honor it. My wife and I both do this and it works. For example, meditation is scheduled on our calendar. I remind my wife that I'm about to meditate and she makes sure the children don't disturb me. ~M.L.

  2. I take long baths with the door locked while blasting my music on the speakers. I lock the bathroom door so my toddler and infant sons don't bust in and try to join me. ~J.T.

  3. I don't really get "Me Time." I try to go out in the garage every once in awhile to have a drink and a cigar alone. But, my kids always interrupt that. Most active fathers with schedules like mine don't have much "Me Time." ~ L.C.

  4. Do an activity that clears your mind and takes you away from daily interruptions. For me, that's the gym. For that hour I don't take calls, respond to text messages or anything while I'm at the gym unless it's an emergency. I even mute notifications. What did everybody do before cell phones? You checked your answering machine/voicemail when you returned back home. ~K.K.

  5. I feel like my wife knows when I need my "Me Time" and she gives it to me. For my "Me Time," I usually hang out in my man cave (basement). I may watch sports, play video games, build a fire outside in the firepit or have a drink. If I get a chance, I will go fishing. Mostly, I just lie down and relax by watching TV. I have super early mornings and I'm no good by 9pm. ~A.C.

  6. I have to speak up to make sure I get my "Me Time" in. Otherwise, I get caught up doing household chores which leads to burnout. ~ L.M.

  7. I used to go to the studio, but now I go golfing. This is what my "Me Time" has become. I try to golf once a week, but it ends up being more like twice a month." ~J.L.

  8. I get up early in the morning before my husband and kids. Some days it's hard because I can really use the extra 30 minutes of sleep. When I think about spending quiet and uninterrupted "Me Time" with myself, I decide to get out of the bed. I usually pray, meditate, set my intentions for what I want out of the day and just listen to the birds chirp. ~ S.S.

  9. Honestly, I don't get "Me Time," like I should. When I'm by myself I listen to music or sing and that becomes my "Me Time." It gets interrupted here and there but that's mainly my "Me Time." I keep saying that I owe myself some dedicated time throughout the day. But, between work, the kids, their activities, and taking care of the home, and being a wife my time is consumed. I owe myself some "Me Time!" ~J.B.

  10. My "Me Time" is structured as a process. I implement this regimen as a way to ensure that my mind, body, and spirit experience a daily recharge. I get a head start on becoming my best self early in the morning. My regimen usually starts between 5am-6am in a three step process when the rest of my family are still resting:

  • If my husband is away at work, the first thing I do is make my bed. Doing so gives me a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of completing a task.

  • Workout for no less than 30 minutes. It is so important for me to make my physical health a priority. If I'm physically broken, I am physically useless to everyone else who depends on me whether at work or at home. This also gives me an opportunity to meditate, hear from God and prepare my spirit for the day.

  • Read for 15 minutes after my workout. I am a natural student so perpetual learning is very important to me. It prepares me to engage in the various and vast perspectives that I most certainly experience throughout the day and to exercise more emotional intelligence. ~LRC

As I read these tips I am reminded that we need to prioritize ourselves, define what "Me Time" looks like, then be consistent. Stress can be prevented by implementing the examples shared above. As you incorporate "Me Time" into your schedule, you will begin to look forward to your "Me Time," and see a shift in your attitude and behavior. Sometimes, I fall short, but I am encouraged to know that other people struggle with finding "Me Time" too. Instead of being hard on myself when I have a jam packed schedule; I kindly say to myself, "I need some time for me," and will polish my nails or listen to my favorite songs. Please do not be afraid to advocate for what you KNOW you need, after all, you DESERVE a little "Me, Myself, And I" time.

Lastly, thank you to my family and friends who shared their "Me Time" tips for this months blog. I appreciate how candid you all were about your "Me Time" activities. I know your feedback will greatly benefit parents and people in general who read this blog.

- Jensine

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