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Siha, LLC (See-ha) is Swahili for "Good Health," where we promote holistic health and well-being for all individuals served.  The first service offering is mental health therapy, with an emphasis on perinatal distress (anxiety/depression experienced at the time of conception, while pregnant, or during postpartum phase).

Perinatal mental therapy provides cognitive and behavioral health support to birthing individuals, parents and families who are considering birth, experiencing fertility difficulties, recently given birth, pregnancy loss, and/or are adjusting to being a “new parent.”  Whether it is your first, second, or third time becoming a parent, together we will create a roadmap that will allow you to THRIVE.

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"We're talking about being sure you and those who already love and support you are prepared for how fully and how long you should rest and be physically, as well as emotionally, supported after giving birth."

~ Kimberly Ann Johnson, Author of "The Fourth Trimester"


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Where Good Health is Wealth